2018: the long and the short of it

On the back of #PoetBlogRevival, I started the year with good intentions: to blog weekly about the poetry life.  How hard could it be?  I stuck to my resolution for over six months, blogged sporadically over late summer and haven’t posted at all over the last three months.   So what? you might say.  There are many others with much more to say and whose literary achievements are worthy of note (check out, for instance, Matthew Stewart’s annual round-up of the best UK poetry blogs over on his blog, Rogue Strands).

I attended the Forward Prizes for Poetry in introvert mode.  Since then, I’ve more or less withdrawn from the poetry world ‘out there’.  I’ve begun to feel overwhelmed by e-newsletters, blog posts, web links to further reading and other such means of keeping abreast of poetry what’s news, hip and happenings. Much of it has gone unread.  I’m more behind than ever with my reading of the magazines I subscribe to. I’ve been less active on social media, too (no bad thing, that).

On the positive side, I’ve written twelve new poems on a theme, with others in the pipeline. And successes are up on last year: two poems published in anthologies (DIVERSIFLY and Humanagerie); two poems exhibited on campus at University of Leicester for International Women’s Day; four poems published in three magazines (Popshot, The Lampeter Review, Under the Radar); one poem shortlisted for the Wolverhampton Literary Festival competition (also anthologised) and a poem longlisted for the Troubadour Poetry Prize.

With a view to becoming less introspective, I’ve made a couple of poetry travel plans for early 2019: I’ve a ticket for the T S Eliot Prize readings on 13th January, and a booked place on Liz Berry’s Verve festival workshop in Birmingham on 17th February.


10 thoughts on “2018: the long and the short of it

  1. Twelve new poems on a theme leaps out to me as something to be very pleased about. That is half a pamphlet and a quarter of a book! Maybe permit yourself a pat on your back?! I know what you mean, I think, about feeling burned out by posts and blogs. I’ve retreated somewhat, as well. Social media has become overwhelming and tiring. (possibly *trying*, too?). But it’s *OK* to blog when you want to and to dip your toes in and out of the ‘scene’ whatever that is. Years ago, somebody said to me “your blog, your rules” which I think is a good adage to remember. I hope I’ll bump into you at the TSEs. My first time attending. Love and all good wishes to you in the meantime, Jayne. Josephine x


  2. Good to hear from you! And it’s good to take a step back sometimes. Great that you’ve been writing – much more rewarding than angsting about what everyone else is doing (reminder to self!!). Very best wishes for 2019. xx


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