Seasonal Reading: a blog/site tour


There’s a bumper crop of seasonal poems on blogs and sites I follow or have come across via recent e-newsletters and social media, lately.  Whether it’s Christmas, the winter solstice, snow or winter trees that float your boat, there’s bound to be at least one or two poems to interest or inspire you from this selection:

  • At the time of writing, Roy Marshall has published not one but four selections of Winter Poems.  Click here for the latest and you’ll then be able to click back to previous ones
  • Two poems by Jean Atkin on Abegail Morley’s Poetry Shed capture the white season beautifully
  • Robin Houghton’s choice of Poems for a Christmas Concert includes one of my favourites, Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘Prayer’
  • Anthony Wilson’s New Nativity Monologue – An Angel also has a link to more Christmas Poems, being a contemporary ‘take’ on the nativity
  • Modern Poetry in Translation is a site well worth visiting at any time of year; there’s a flavour of what they have to offer via their Poetry Advent Calendar
  • The Poetry Foundation‘s site has collections of Winter Poems and Christmas Poems, each containing a mix of classic and contemporary poems
  • London Grip New Poetry‘s latest issue: winter 2017-18 may be seasonal in name only, but it’s a pick ‘n’ mix if you’re tired of all things – er, seasonal
  • Anthony Wilson’s ‘What You Read in 2017‘ is a Top Ten of Lifesaving Poems and posts plus some of AW’s personal favourites
  • If you’re hungry for more, Matthew Stewart’s annual ‘Best UK Poetry Blogs‘ roll of honour is a chocolate box for the browser (I’m not sure my infrequent efforts warrant a place here, but I’m chuffed nevertheless)

If you’ve come across other seasonal pickings worth checking out, do add them in the comments box below.

Happy seasonal reading 🙂


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