It’s Official

I will be retiring from my teaching post at the end of the summer term

  • because I’m increasingly bone- and brain-tired, these days, and both are taking longer to recover from my oh-so-fortunate-to-be-only Monday-Wednesday work days
  • because I’d like to truly enjoy my newly-restored hip health
  • because life is short – and sometimes far shorter than expected (family, friends)
  • because time is precious and I’d like more choice over how I spend it and with whom
  • because age is just a number but we are getting older (and so are our grandchildren – who were babies only last year, it seems)
  • because this all-or-nothing personality would like to make a serious attempt at achieving a workable balance between passions and interests (those who know me well are laughing already!)
  • because variety might bring new and exciting fruits to the writing table
  • because I’d like my creative ‘mojo’ back
  • because I’d like to learn to give myself permission (on the odd day) to do very little – or nothing at all
  • because I have a choice
  • because I’m oh-so-fortunate to have a choice
  • because [this one varies]

My decision to retire early and manage the gap (I’m trying to remain optimistic it won’t lengthen) between now and State Pensionable age is the result of much soul-searching (I had thinking time whilst on sick leave last autumn), interrogation of our income and expenditure (facing a few home truths) as well as considering how and where we want to live in the very near future.

It’s exciting and scary by turns.

In the meantime, I’m growing a Wish List – that is exciting!

11 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. I read with interest. I’m sure the ret of us teachers will all be doing that ‘hard look’ at the finances of early retirement some day. Time and the quality of it becomes ever more precious. I do wish you every joy in facing new challenges and working your way through that burgeoning wish-list. : )

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  2. I am one of the incredibly, INCREDIBLY fortunate women who just managed to retire in time to reap both my works pension (NHS) and State pension. It was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. My husband also retired at the same time and we haven’t looked back. Retirement – if you have reasonably decent earth and reasonably adequate funds – can be a marvellous time. Go for it Jayne and have a blast! xx

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