It’s Official

I will be retiring from my teaching post at the end of the summer term

  • because I’m increasingly bone- and brain-tired, these days, and both are taking longer to recover from my oh-so-fortunate-to-be-only Monday-Wednesday work days
  • because I’d like to truly enjoy my newly-restored hip health
  • because life is short – and sometimes far shorter than expected (family, friends)
  • because time is precious and I’d like more choice over how I spend it and with whom
  • because age is just a number but we are getting older (and so are our grandchildren – who were babies only last year, it seems)
  • because this all-or-nothing personality would like to make a serious attempt at achieving a workable balance between passions and interests (those who know me well are laughing already!)
  • because variety might bring new and exciting fruits to the writing table
  • because I’d like my creative ‘mojo’ back
  • because I’d like to learn to give myself permission (on the odd day) to do very little – or nothing at all
  • because I have a choice
  • because I’m oh-so-fortunate to have a choice
  • because [this one varies]

My decision to retire early and manage the gap (I’m trying to remain optimistic it won’t lengthen) between now and State Pensionable age is the result of much soul-searching (I had thinking time whilst on sick leave last autumn), interrogation of our income and expenditure (facing a few home truths) as well as considering how and where we want to live in the very near future.

It’s exciting and scary by turns.

In the meantime, I’m growing a Wish List – that is exciting!