Towards a Christmas break

My To Do list (no, not the seasonal one) and I have left the building!

Yesterday was such a long working day: school, reading tuition and a ceilidh gig).  I returned to work five weeks ago and, although I’ve missed much of the long autumn teaching term, I’m feeling bone and brain-tired.  It is a joy to be more-or-less pain-free and able to walk at my usual pace once more but I’m mighty glad to put my feet up at the end of a school day.

Public consumerism and a right royal flush of Christmas-ready social media updates and photos since early November (!!!!???!!) seem to have had an adverse effect on my festive spirit this year.  Thankfully, some things never fail to work their magic – the Key Stage 1 production (Lights, Camel, Action!) and the silver band playing carols around the streets of our village are my personal chart-toppers.

It was a lovely surprise to come home from work on Tuesday to this:


My daughter, playing elf, had located tree and decorations in the boxland of our garage and worked her own magic upon the living room.  (The prospect of wrangling an unruly string of lights onto a lightweight tree intent on toppling means that I habitually delay said task: as close-to-date as I can get away with).

As for the rest outstanding – the food shopping, present wrapping, etc – it’ll all get done in the end, won’t it?

Meanwhile in blogland, 2016 is already being wrapped up and posted (geddit?!).  My blog gets a mention on Matthew Stewart’s Best UK Poetry Blogs of 2016.  How lovely is that?! I’m keeping the tab open on my laptop and am looking forward to some poetry blog hopping over the Christmas holidays.


5 thoughts on “Towards a Christmas break

  1. Our younger son always dressed the tree, and even though he’s been in New Zealand for 8 years now we still miss him a lot when that time comes round each year! We are being more and more minimalist this year and I am liking the hype less and less.

    Well done on the blog nomination Jayne! ANd well deserved!


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