Heading into the light

Last Tuesday, I left school at 3.40 PM (oh, the decadence of it) and drove home (via the coffee shop) in glorious sunshine – seems an age since I last saw such glorious daylight. With the car window open a crack, I could almost smell the promise of spring.

I’ve witnessed some stunning skies at sunrise and sunset, and once or twice have stopped to snap them on my camera phone.  Sadly, they fail to show the full effect, so I’m not about to post them on here!

It’s still early enough in the week not to feel that the February half term is slipping by (no To Do list, this time; no day return rail ticket to St Pancras; just pottering/chillin’ with my hubby and the cats).


Yesterday, drive-everywhere me walked to the village Co-Op.  Twice.

The garden, which hasn’t stopped growing through the mild winter, beckons.  I spent a happy hour with hand shears and secateurs: one of the few ways I can switch off mentally and just ‘do.’ The snowdrops are out, the daffs fit to bust.  A gang of noisy sparrows gave me momentary hope that they’d occupy the nest box on our garage wall (never used in the fifteen plus years it’s been up there).

And there’s music.  Radio 6 Music to smooth the ironing.  David Bowie’s Black Star album on CD: a true artist.  And Adele’s 25.  I like her: she fits no mold, defies pigeon-holing.  And I’ve rejoined a local orchestra after a break of two-and-a-half years.  It’s as if I’ve never been away.  I’d forgotten how much I enjoy playing orchestral second violin.  And gigs with the ceilidh band are booking up.  Last Saturday was a blast: Little People UK’s 4th birthday bash:

imageAnd the writing, you ask?  My WIP folder is bulging with writing that hasn’t yet been typed up (mainly because I think it’s not heading towards a workable poem):


I’ve a bagful of notebooks begging to be plundered, in my Writing To Go bag:


All a drop in the ocean compared to the subfolders of subfolders of in progress/unfinished/dubious poems that lurk in the bowels of my laptop, defying a final draft (as if there is ever such a thing).

I’m also behind on a couple of MOOCs: Robert Burns (University of Glasgow) and Literature and Mental Health (Warwick University).  Procrastination has many forms.

When I’ve posted this, I’m heading to the kitchen to get some lunch, do a spot of cooking with my hubby, look out the window.


Whatever you’re doing today, I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine.