Against the dying of the light

This post is not about poetry (apart from plundering a few words from Dylan Thomas’s most famous poem for a title).  It’s my response to winter’s shortening days and low light.

Lately, I’ve craved colour as a substitute for the lack of light.  A couple of weekends ago (feeling rather sorry for myself for being too poorly to go on a planned weekend away with my husband) I walked around the garden for a breath of fresh air:

IMG_5956 IMG_5959 IMG_5964 IMG_5966 IMG_5976 IMG_5967 IMG_5980












































This is not about poetry.  It’s pure self-indulgence on the shortest day of the year (and feeling under-the-weather for the third week in a row).

I’ve treated myself to a DVD of this documentary film:” target=”_blank”>http://

Iris Apfel’s colour and style, at 93, is as enviable as her energy and joi de vivre (to say nothing of her CV).

I’ve recently discovered Anna Parkes’ blog, My Island Style.  A 57-year-old (like me) with a love of charity shops and bargain-hunting (me, too), she wears colour fearlessly (yup – in my dreams!).

I’ve followed Textile Treasury from the start.  I met Lynne several years ago in the fiddle class at an annual folk music summer school.  Between summer schools, we keep in touch via social media.  She’s also a talented crafter (Me? I barely know the eye from the point of a needle) and her blog is a horn of plenty for colour-cravers.

Not a poetry post, it’s likely that most readers have not got this far!  So here’s a link that includes some poetry:

I discovered CALM THINGS via Antony Wilson’s blog.  Canadian writer Shawna Lemay’s Monday blog is a calm and contemplative e-space on the least calm day of my working week.  I like the mix of commentary, poetry and photography – yes, there are lots of photographs capturing light and colour, as the eye behind the lens has sought them out, even at a time of year when one has to look harder.  A kind of meditation, I guess.

Yesterday necessitated a trip to Asda for new Christmas tree lights.  Unlike the loop ones I’ve cursed over for years, these went on like a dream:


I wish you all peace, love and happiness over the festive season.

10 thoughts on “Against the dying of the light

  1. I LOVE Iris – I have a heap of photos of her because I love her style and her use of colour. And I got quite a jolt as I scrolled past my own name on here Jayne! Thanks for the heads up. We’ve both been in the doldrums I think and have been craving colour recently. I’ve also checked out the other blogs you tagged…. more very interesting reading to come – thank you!


  2. I thank you for the gift of this post, Jayne. Your photos are beautiful and I’ve been been clicking on & enlarging them to get even more colour!! The Iris promo clip made me feel good too. As does the mix of things in CALM THINGS (I have subscribed). Hope you feel better soon x


  3. I enjoyed that blog Jayne. Would love to be as exuberant as Iris but unfortunately I panic(?) at “stuff”. Too much is alarming. I think I love lots of what doesn’t show . .. if that makes any sense at all ….. but colour is another thing..


    • Thank you, Hilaire 🙂
      I’ve just come in from the garden – it’s romping away, including a summer container that refuses to die!
      Hope your 2016 is colour and poetry-full x


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