NaBloPoMo #1: Jack-o’-lanterns

Until I read Josephine Corcoran’s latest blog post, I’d never even heard of National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo, for short).  And, no, I’m not about to set myself up to fail by committing to daily posts but, hey, what better way of getting my blog out of the doldrums than a touch of seasonal colour:


At school on Wednesday, it was all hands on deck as staff and parents assisted Reception and Year 1 children in the carving of approximately 120 pumpkin lanterns!  The cats and I are enjoying a lazy weekend (avoiding all things Hallowe’en-related) – but, en route to my favourite coffee shop, I couldn’t resist snapping this display of Jack-o’-lanterns in a florist’s window.  Quite a show-stopper, don’t you think?

For a brief history of the Jack-o’-lantern plus a demo, by Steve “the world’s fastest pumpkin carver” Clark, click here.

And, via the Academy of American Poets newsletter, I came across this poem by Carl Sandberg:

     Theme in Yellow

I spot the hills 
With yellow balls in autumn. 
I light the prairie cornfields 
Orange and tawny gold clusters 
And I am called pumpkins. 
On the last of October 
When dusk is fallen 
Children join hands 
And circle round me 
Singing ghost songs 
And love to the harvest moon; 
I am a jack-o’-lantern 
With terrible teeth 
And the children know 
I am fooling.


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