My pamphlet proof

In my previous post, I was excited at the prospect of getting my hands on a proof copy of my pamphlet: something tangible, after all those months of hard work, highs and lows.  So I was surprised that the elation I’d expected to feel – well, it just wasn’t there!  Instead, I felt rather flat, if I felt anything at all.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m really pleased with the overall look, the print quality and everything, to say nothing of how opposite poems can now physically ‘talk’ to each other.  And I needed the affirmation of the tactile (I’m trying really hard, here, to avoid using phrases like ‘skin-on-skin contact’…).

Thanks to Davina Prince and one or two other collection-published poets who’ve been through all this before, I’m reassured that, in a way, this is a kind of ending, if only until the pamphlet launch and afterwards.  So it’s natural to feel deflated, even a little sad.  And I’ve managed to distance myself a little, which is a good thing, as very soon my little pamphlet will have to stand up for itself as readers make of it what they will.

Last time, I promised to reveal the title, didn’t I?  So here’s an image of the front cover:

BTT front cover

Launch details and a couple of diary dates to follow.



13 thoughts on “My pamphlet proof

  1. Congratulations Jayne! The cover looks very classy and I love the title… can’t wait to read it! I wonder if the slightly flat feeling is quite common, after (as you say) all the months of working on/living with it. I’m sure when you get the published article in your hands and ‘out there’ you’ll be back in love with it, even if it’s in a detached way (the best way, in my opinion!)


    • Thanks, Robin. I’ve physically put my copy on a shelf until I start planning what to read and what to say at the launch. We both need the space, I think 🙂


  2. Great cover – yes, I remember the unreality of it. And thank god for the physicality of paper and ink – it must be weirder when the e-doc is all.


    • Thanks for following my blog, John. I’ve been catching up on blogs I follow and noted that Maria Taylor mentioned your pamphlet on her Commonplace blog. And you have two newly-published, I see. Is one of these as a result of your competition win?


      • sorry about time lag….too much going on. Yes, in fact both pamphlets initially funded by Plough win. Though I have got all the outlay back and more. My printer will run me off 50 at a time, as and when. Mind you, I did do a lot of the page setting to cut down on his design time, and he is an enthusiast (he’s never done poetry books before). He has all sorts of great ideas about font sizes to maximise the use of space, and things like reducing print density just a bit so you get a softer read. And I do my own graphics/cover design, so instead of deflated I’ve loved getting hold of the final thing …they’ve been better than I dreamed. I do understand what you’re saying, though. It’s like painting…by the time you get to the end, you’ve already moved on….xx Fogs


      • Thanks for following my blog and for sharing your publication experience, John. I’m currently flying pre-launch high. My pamphlet I have become reacquainted and we still like each other, so that’s good. If you’re going to next week’s PB Writing Day, I’d really like to take a look at both of yours.


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