My latest pamphlet news

It’s been a really busy time on the pamphlet front: I’ve enjoyed the editing process and I’ve learned so much from working with Davina Prince to ensure that my poems are as good as they possibly can be.  We’ve both worked closely with Karin Koller through several typeset drafts in recent weeks; the final draft is probably winging its way through the ether to my inbox as I type.

Choosing a title has been one of the most difficult decisions I’ve had to make and I went right up to the wire on this.  It’s not the working title I’ve become accustomed to using, and reading on successive drafts.  Neither is there a title poem in my collection.  It is a pamphlet title which, I hope, offers a challenge to the reader.

I was awake and feeling excited before the alarm went off, this morning: having chosen the Pantone colours for the cover and endpapers, I was thrilled to see that they looked just as I’d envisaged them, fresh from the printer on the card and paper we’re using. In around ten days time, I hope to be holding a proof copy – I can hardly wait!

I’m keeping this post as short as possible, with the promise of more details very soon (including the answer to the questions you’ve all been asking: What’s the title?  When’s the launch?).  In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you via the comments box below.

4 thoughts on “My latest pamphlet news

    • Thank you Hilary 🙂
      You’re right: exciting and scary – right now, it’s an exciting interlude between the scariness!


  1. The editing process is exhausting but a revelation of a poet’s DNA. These are times you’ll look back on with pride and recollection of purpose. Looking forward to my copy. You deserve it Jayne, graft and craft with some fine literary magazine credits. You made this happen so congratulations.


    • Thank you, Antony! 🙂
      The pamphlet process has been an amazing experience, overall. I’ve really enjoyed working with Davina Prince over the past few months. Her support and advice, shrewd perception and keen eye as main editor has been invaluable; I’ve learned so much.


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