David Bowie Is at the V & A

Yesterday, this very provincial poet enjoyed a rare day in London.  The main reason: David Bowie Is at the V & A.

Online tickets having sold out for the duration, I joined the thankfully moving queue for tickets and engaged in ‘seventees reminiscence with the ladies in front of me. Forty minutes later, ticket bagged, I had time for an Earl Grey tea break in the Madejski Garden before my 12.15 slot (another, shorter queue).

Two hours and two galleries later, I’d looked through a series of multi-media ‘windows’ on an artist who found it easier to create characters and inhabit their worlds than to be himself.  I did enjoy seeing all those iconic stage costumes close up, and the photographs, album covers, artefacts, film projections, etc.  But I became most absorbed in Bowie’s songwriting and his creative processes.  Here are the original lyrics of Ziggy Stardust, in his juvenile script:

and Starman:

and cut-up lyrics for Blackout from Heroes (1977):

But Bowie’s Verbasizer must have been innovative, ahead of its time:

David Bowie was/is a true artist, a visionary.  I’ll leave you with his breakthrough single, the very timely Space Oddity (1969):

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