A study: found items

Five days before term starts (and, yes, I know how lucky I am to have two weeks’ holiday over the festive season).  In a late flurry of physical activity, I’m endeavouring to bring order to the paper mountain and general writerly detritus that is my study.

Significant finds/unearthed treasures/look-sees slowing progress so far (in no particular order):

  • Moth, a CD of poems read by Fatima Al Matar from her collection, The Heart and the Subsidiary
  • Stephen King’s On Writing
  • Helena Nelson’s How Not To Get Your Poetry Published
  • art postcards from Florence (including black and white photograph: Riflessi, a campanile in a long puddle)
  • last year’s Adriatic diary
  • street map of Barcelona
  • hand-painted papier maché trinket box (beautiful, empty)
  • 2 quill feathers collected on a Leicestershire Landscape Walkshop
  • handmade book of 11 poems  and digital voice recorder
  • 33 Ways To Stay Creative (printed from a Facebook friend’s shared photo)
  • set of bookmarks: a series of 11 haiku by Antony Owen commemorating International Hiroshima Day 2012
  • 3 bulging folders of poems: several years’ worth of workshopping and discussion at Soundswrite, Leicester and South Leics stanzas
  • 16 filled notebooks of jottings, free writing, first drafts
  • 8 new & unused notebooks (they caught my eye/were a bargain/just because)
  • notes, writing goals and steps from Continuing Professional Development Workshop
  • Putting a Pamphlet Together: Mslexia workshop by Clare Pollard
  • editors’ personalized rejection letters
  • Poetry in the Waiting Room (for Derby hospitals) vol 5: poems to brighten your wait

Desk and top shelf of bookcase sorted, the rest on hold (so many possibilities…)

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