He Came To Me

a scent, his sweat, bottled
captured essence of violation
base note, fear, it lingered
on my skin, reeked impotence.
I was thankful when he faded.

tisane, his tears infused
wormwood, myrrh, angelica, gentian;
bitter on the stomach,
I drank him honey-sweetened.

pixellated, news-real blood,
scarlet spatters on his prison pallor,
fleshing out my naïve images, when
I preferred impressions.

in song, his caged words, released
between bar lines on airwaves,
the unmistakable cadence;
I recognised the bottom line.

Published in Under the Radar issue 9 (Nine Arches Press Feb 2012)

Click here for a video clip of an earlier version.

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