Polesworth Poetry Trail

What a day! David Calcutt’s excellent Dig the Poetry workshop, a guided tour of the dig by head archaeologist Tim Upson-Smith, then, to top it all off, another guided tour:

Not being good with maps and such [read sniggers from family and friends] I asked Mal Dewhirst to point me in the direction of a likely starting point from which to explore the Poetry Trail. Offering to walk with me for the first part, the man behind the project ended up conducting my very own guided tour, complete with the stories behind the project and readings of the poems in situ, such is Mal’s passion for his brainchild (click here for the rationale that helps put a village with such a rich heritage back on the poetry map).  I’m sure of two things: that Mal certaily is a man who ‘gets things done’ (see here) and that he underplays the incredible amount of hard work and tenacity this must have taken.

Do check out the website, click here, check out images here, google.

I’ll finish with a slide show of Penny Harper’s poem, Osanna:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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