The Fizz

Tuesday 24th July: our first visit to The Fizz at Polesworth Abbey.  

Hosted by Mal Dewhirst, this bi-monthly poetry and spoken word event takes place in the abbey’s refectory, readers standing in front of the fireplace where Drayton, Donne, Jonson (and possibly the Great Bard) once warmed themselves.

Terri Jolland, one of the Polesworth Poetry Trail poets, was the evening’s guest performer.  Her prose and poetry reflect her sense of humour, zest for life, love of family, and her various interests.  Poems included:  The Dressmaker, a tribute to her mother whom she now envisages ‘sewing wings on angels’ and ‘riding the clouds’ on her Harley Davidson; a poem of firsts for her firstborn son, written in rhyming couplets; Margaret, for her daughter, employing jewel imagery to describe a precious newborn; Ladies of the Wood, her Polesworth Trail poem.  Terri also writes collaboratively with her husband, Ray; they read a sketch as Will Shakespeare and his wife, interweaving their own words with Bard-penned quotes for comic effect.

Amongst the open mics:

– Margaret Tor’s telling of an ancient tale from the tundra had a spellbinding effect upon her audience.

– Gary Carr’s Clay Mills Pumping Station, which I admired at last Friday’s Spoken Worlds (and, I now know, is written in trochiac tetrameter).

– Barry Patterson read three summer poems of light, reflection and barefoot days; punchy rhythm.

– Gemma Hogg delivered a confident reading of four poems, hot on the heels of her open mic debut at this month’s Poetry Alight. Legoland describes a certain housing estate where ‘technology sucks life out of the robots who reside there.’

– Dee Costello read three poems on the theme of leave-taking as a prelude to Remembering You with its lingering sweetness of friendship after parting.

Yours truly, reading in front of the auspicious fireplace

Next The Fizz date: Sat 8th Sept

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to returning to Polesworth on Friday for David Calcutt’s Dig the Poetry workshop and to explore the Poetry Trail (watch this space).

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