Hay festival diary: Wednesday in retrospect

Thursday, 8 AM: woke to slight disappointment that my first night in this C17 building proved uneventful.  The night before, I’d perused my bedroom’s modest bookshelf (in a house full of books) and attempted re-drafting recent writing, but the pull to sleep was greater.  After all, it had been a long day…

Almost a 3-hour car journey, half of it on East-West motorways, the rest at 40 mph on Roman Road (far from straight).  Arrived in Hay just in time to collect booked tickets from the festival box office before listening to Joanne Harris.  I love her brand of mystique with a hint of magic and am looking forward to reading her latest book, Peaches for Monsieur le Curé.

Alex Valentine‘s evening concert at the Sound Castle was all I expected, and more, and I relaxed into the festival groove at last.  I first saw Alex on The Book Show from Hay, two years ago, and promptly purchased two CDs: Tardis Heart and Local History.  He performed some of my favourites, including Sunshine and the gorgeous 45 Celsius.  Needless to say, I came away with 2 more CDs: A is for… and Lost Songs (playing as I type).

10 PM: Nocturne at St Mary’s church.  Atmosphere: heady mix of incense and beeswax.  30 minutes of music and reflection on the work of George Herbert.


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