CurveBall: Friday 18th May

The scenario: local writers, stationed around Curve’s concourse between cafe and bar, invited theatre-goers to an intimate reading of their short fiction and/or poems as they made their way to the evening performance of Wah! Wah! Girls.  The theme: love and dreams.

It was refreshing have an opportunity to read to a very small audience.  Despite the open setting, it felt intimate: eye contact, response, verbal interaction.

As the performance began, we writers gathered around the stage in the bar area to share our stories over the mic.  Nathan Lunt’s untitled poem: dream or re-surfaced secret?  I loved, “From a hanging branch he plucked a birthday.”  Lizzie Lamb read an extract from her novel, “Tall, Dark and Kilted,” set between London and a rural Scottish estate.  Kathy Bell’s “Advice for Travellers” painted a cameo of ‘a town in monochrome.’ Intriguing take on Hamelin.  Pam Raymond was delighted that her audiences favoured her piece about childhood dreams or secrets, gazing at the stars.

My piece, The Door, Left Open, appeared here on Wednesday for National Flash Fiction Day (you’ll need to scroll down awhile to find and read it).

Photo: Lizzie Lamb @lizzie_lamb

Photo: Lizzie Lamb @lizzie_lamb

Great mix of short fiction and poetry on a theme.  It’s hoped we’ll be invited back.

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