MayDay Word! with Michael Horovitz

As a regular at Word!, I’ve come to expect the unexpected.  I’m always entertained and inspired, frequently surprised and never bored.  Last night was no exception.

Diverse open mic performances (including a polished performance by first-up Deborah ‘Debris’ Stevenson and fellow Mouthy Poets).

Michael Horovitz, last of the Beat poets and the evening’s featured artist, indulged his audience with a reading/performance in two halves:

Beginning with ‘Postcard from Ireland,’ from Wordsounds and Sightlines, Horovitz wowed us with his own work, included excerpts from A New Waste Land: Timeship Earth at Nillennium.  He also read poems by others from his various anthologies, Back in the Playground Blues by the late Adrian Mitchell, and poems by son, Adam, and his beloved late wife, Frances (her Collected Poems: Bloodaxe 2011, is my latest purchase).

A veritable banquet for the ear, punctuated with bursts of anglo saxophone, interspersed with socio-political comment and windows on the past with fellow beat poets, including the International Poetry Incarnation (see: Wholly Communion).

As last night, I’m exhausted and off to bed, envying the 77-year-old his stamina as well as his art.

2 thoughts on “MayDay Word! with Michael Horovitz

  1. Jayne, I really enjoyed reading this.If you fancy reviewing this, or other similar events for “Behind the Arras”, in the future we would be pleased to run it. The above is a little short for a “lift”, we really need 350-1250 words (if you want to flesh it out a little?). Most are around 450ish.I think that you have seen the broad format.


    • Thank you Gary. I kept this post brief, as work commitments increasing (and increasingly complicated), but will see what I can do at the weekend, if not too late.


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