Galleri Gestur exhibiting artist

Galleri Gestur is a tiny touring exhibition.  It exhibits work by a different individual artist each month.  My launch coincided with my guest poet slot at Pinggg…K! poetry open mic evening on Tuesday at The Red Tent, Pocklington’s Walk, Leicester.  For more photos of the launch, click here.

My exhibit will travel with the curator until 21st April 2012.

Below is my artist’s statement:

Jayne Stanton
Diary, 2012
Poetry/collage on paper, a hand-bound volume.  Audio recording.

Jayne Stanton acquired a Bachelor of Education Honours (B Ed Hons) at Bedford in 1981. She lives and works as a poet, teacher and musician in Leicestershire.

Inspired by Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon, W H Auden and numerous contemporary poets from Carol Ann Duffy to Mark Goodwin, Jayne has established her own voice and style.

Diary is a collection of eleven poems written between 2009 and 2012. Weaving aspects of self with dreamscape and fiction, they challenge popular assumptions of diaries as factual accounts and poetry as autobiographical and/or cathartic writing. For Jayne, poems are organic, chimes for the ear, living on in the mind’s eye.

Jayne is an active member of Leicester’s writing community and a regular at poetry/spoken word events in the Midlands.

Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in various poetry magazines and journals such as Under the Radar, Staple, Hearing Voices, Poetry in the Waiting Room (for Derby hospitals) and others. Please visit Jayne‘s web page:

Brought to you by Dr Magnus Gestsson PhD, Gallerist and Curator

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