M is for…

…Mother’s Day musings, mixed metaphors, monostich, maybe.

I’d intended starting an account of yesterday’s States of Independence small press event at De Montfort University, but, having ditched my planned duvet day in favour of a Long Stay bay at my local coffee shop…

divorcees with twin teapots seek table for two, for sharing of Sunday titbits

pubescent girl with overblown lips fails to unfix the price of cellophaned rose buds

family group extends, outgrows table room despite donations of neighbouring furniture

under-fives punctuate adult conversations with questions, exclamations; emboldened, capitalize on grabbed attention

easy listening from overhead speakers gets into difficulties, is overcome by rival sound waves, drowned

scouts find abandoned tables; queen bees colonize leather, send drones to browse the nectar bar

the counter queue grows a tailback

on the window, crazed hearts in verdigris and pink invite us to LOVE among the scattered coffee beans

rainy day asylum seekers mark territory with makeshift boundaries: coats, baggage

man in black-rimmed reading glasses ditches work in progress in favour of unfolding spectacle…

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