The Cab Door Closes

The cab door closes


she takes her seat in time
to watch a private showing
in the rear-view mirror

he stands mid road
shot in rapid pull-back
tarmac back-lit

no back story
just this cameo
to mark his letting go

as she leaves
for her next casting

Published in Staple issue 73 (film): summer/autumn 2010

Seeing Red

Ruddy stain
spreads over guilty sky.
Dawn breaks, shamefaced.

Brake lights blink, bloodshot.
cars crawl, petrol-fuming.

Ranks of crimson
power-crazed lights.
Traffic flow stemmed.

Flushed scarlet
warning signs apologise.
Banks of cones close in.

No front line advance.
No ground gained.
Trapped here, seeing red.

Published in The Journal #26: spring 2009